Makar Sankranti Special: Sesame for Hair


Nature has so many things to offer, the rays of the sun, the chirping of birds, the scenic view of mountains, the grown herbs and spices, and the classic SESAME SEEDS. Although sesame has loads of fan base throughout the season, none of us can get over this superfood, especially in January. The credit goes to the Hindu festival of ‘Sankranti’ that is cheerfully celebrated across the country under different names of course! All my life, I’ve learned Makar Sankranti is incomplete without indulging in sesame ladoos a.k.a ‘Til ka ladoo’. Let’s not forget the millions of benefits sesame seeds have to offer, including hair care, skin care, digestion, and overall health.

Sesame seeds are popular not just in the health industry but also in the world of beauty. From herbs to essential oils, they are extracted in different forms to reap their perks for brilliant skin and fabulous tresses. The most common form is oil, and even today sesame seeds are cold pressed to reap its nutritional benefits for the body and hair. They are great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature. When used for hair, it can do magic, and this is why our premium ranged hair oil consists of Black Sesame Oil with other beneficial ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at what sesame oil alone can do for hair:

Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair

Prevents early greying

Sesame oil has the potency to darken hair complexion. Therefore, it can be used effectively to restore early greying of hair while preventing it in the future. This oil is enriched with powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals that induce the process of hair greying. 

Escalates hair growth

Sesame oil works explicitly on those who are suffering from hair thinning or subsequent baldness. Regularly using sesame oil on the scalp accelerates the speed of hair growth while giving your crown of glory a denser appearance. This magical oil when massaged on the scalp invigorates the scalp and leads to improved blood flow. Therefore, this oil is used in most hair care products that are formulated to restore hair loss. 

Inhibits head lice formation

With so many products available in the market for killing lice, sesame oil is the best natural remedy having matchless results. Powered with antibacterial and antifungal properties, massaging your scalp with this oil can clear off lice and other possible infections while preventing lice and infections in the future.

Makes hair soft

Dry and frizzy hair stealing all the charm? Sesame oil can work excellently in smoothening brittle and dull hair. It consists of conditioning and cooling properties that ensure to protect hair from all damaging elements. It further helps to keep hair moisturized throughout the day while locking the moisture within the hair shafts. 

Protects hair from UV rays

UV rays have a major impact on our skin and hair. Sesame oil acts as a natural sun-blocking agent that efficiently helps and protects hair against harsh UV rays. This oil precisely conceals the hair strands and scalp while forming a protective layer.

Prevents hair fall

Sesame oil is known to shower soothing effects. Massaging this oil on hair and scalp, relieves stress and inhibits hair fall caused by stress. Other essential oils can be added to this oil to enhance its efficacy. 

Go ahead, celebrate the festival to the fullest and let your crown of glory shine with Follikesh!