7 Ways to Avoid Dry Hair This Winter

Dry Hair This Winter

Again, it’s that time of the year when the temperature is slowly dipping. This constantly changing weather on only takes a toll on the body but the healthy mane as well. As much as we all would want to enjoy this season, to be honest—our skin and hair issues don’t allow. One of the most common issues maximum people face during these freezy months is dry hair and dandruff. Tackle the winter blues while following a healthy hair care routine for your tresses. 


Here are easy-to-follow hair care tips to avoid dry hair concerns during the winter.


  1. Retain moisture


The chilling weather can dry out your hair gradually and shampooing can worsen the damage. Therefore, it is heavily recommended to shampoo less and focus more on oiling or moisturizing the hair strands. By washing hair daily, you can experience depleting moisture in the scalp which ultimately results in hair breakage. Ensure to have a healthy quantity of sebum on your scalp that keeps hair moist and greasy while the weather is against it. 


  • Avoid heat
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We all know how tempting it is to keep ourselves warm during the winter. If taking a bath with hot water throughout the winter has been your ritual, you need to pause and change. Hot water is known to make the skin and hair dry and flaky while stripping off the natural oil from the surface. It is okay to bathe with lukewarm water while reducing the intensity of damage. Similarly, you need to take a break from using heat styling tools as it could aggravate the risk. Ensure to protect your mane with good quality heat protecting hair serum


  • Use Boar Bristle Brush to detangle


Tangled hair is an all-time concern for those who are suffering from dry hair during winter. You should use a boar bristle brush to detangle tresses as it is one of the gentlest ways to do that. Such a hair brush reduces the strain on the strands and scalp while bringing down the damage.


  • Don’t skip the serum


Moisture is extremely important to keep the hair in top condition during winter. This clearly indicates, applying a hair serum is non-negotiable during winter as it evenly moisturizes and smoothens tresses for a happy hair day. It further prevents fizziness and hair breakage. 


  • Nourish with oil
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You can gain a glossy finishing texture by regularly oiling hair and scalp throughout this season. Using an effective onion hair oil helps in boosting the scalp while stimulating blood circulation on the roots for healthy hair growth. Evenly applying oil to the tresses also helps to prevent hair damage and dry hair. 


  • Eat good fats


A healthy hair goal is achieved when there’s a perfect balance between an excellent hair care routine and a balanced diet. Your locks are constantly craving healthy fats and nutrients. You can supply everything your scalp needs through fatty acids in your diet such as olive oil, avocado, or seafood. Excellent in Vitamin E, healthy fats evenly helps to moisturize the dryness of the scalp while stimulating a healthy hair growth process. Those failing to achieve real nutrients and nourishment for the scalp from a daily diet can take the support of hair care supplements


  • Hydrate


Just like our skin needs nourishment through hydration, our hair needs it too! It helps to keep the scalp healthy from the inside while offering flexibility and strength from out. It is highly recommended to consume at least two litres of water a day to stimulate a smoother process for hair growth.  Don’t let these chilling months take a toll on your hair! Switch to a healthy hair care routine that aims to prevent dryness, damage, and fizziness of hair locks. Use Follikesh to tackle multiple hair problems simultaneously with the natural formulation. Grab your hands on the best hair care brand - Follikesh for transformative, natural, and long-lasting results on your hair at up to 30% OFF from www.tafrepa.com!