Avoid Scalp Oiling in These Situations

onion oil for hair fall

The process of scalp oiling has always been at the top of our ideal hair care routine list. It is, however, non-negotiable wherein one has to perform a ritual to keep healthy hair. The idea of oiling hair and scalp can be traced back to Ayurveda, a.k.a. Indian science, had started attracting popularity in the contemporary healthy hair care routine

It is believed that oiling the scalp with the use of any natural oil can invigorate hair and scalp while making them stronger and healthier. Although, it is essential to understand that every individual with a different hair type and scalp should use different essential oils to target the issues. Oiling your hair all the time under all conditions may not be a good idea as it can deteriorate the health of your scalp. Here are a few conditions in which you should be avoiding the application of hair oil to your scalp.

Avoid giving champi to your hair under these four conditions:

If you are suffering from dandruff, make sure you don’t oil your scalp, as it may ruin your crown of glory. Well, dandruff is the most common problem faced by many in today’s time. It is a condition when the scalp’s skin begins to throw out flakes. Although, it is not at all contagious or serious pouring oil on such an affected scalp can become a breeding ground for fungus, also called Malassezia. This fungus tends to feed on the accumulated grease on your scalp while aggravating the condition further.

Anyone with acne all over their face or on the forehead should immediately stop applying oil on the scalp as it may clog the pores, increasing the acne formation further. Those with oily hair may seep onto the face or forehead, resulting in acne breakouts and other skin problems. You can get rid of this situation by simply washing your hair at regular intervals to get rid of extra oil from your face. 

The formation of a boil on the scalp is known as a furuncle. Any kind of bacterial infection caused by the hair follicles abruptly forms and boils. It can further affect nearby surrounding tissues on the scalp. The follicles of your hair might get infected anywhere on your body. For those who are suffering from recurring boils on the scalp, oiling the scalp may attract more dirt and bacterial build-up leading to further infection. Hence, the expert strongly recommends avoiding oiling the scalp and hair while suffering from boils on the scalp. Ensure to see your healthcare expert if the boil doesn’t go away or heal on its own. In case of painful boils, immediately reach out to your doctor.

Those who have an oily scalp, they are prone to dust accumulation over the scalp. Therefore, oiling the scalp in such a situation further aggravates the collection of dust, leading to an itchy and irritated scalp. This could be the top reason for hair loss in individuals who have already oily scalps. To deliver nourishment and massage your scalp, slightly heat a little amount of oil and apply in patches. You can do this once a week to strengthen your hair strands. 

Unnecessarily oiling your hair frequently despite knowing the condition of your hair and scalp can make the situation worse. Before rigorously oiling your hair, consult a trichologist to understand the condition of your scalp. Probably, they are the best to determine your scalp’s health and accordingly suggest the best suitable oil for your scalp.