Best Natural Hair Serum for Strong and Healthy Hair

Follikesh Hair Serum

To keep the hair bouncy, shiny, and healthy the regular hair care routine – i.e. oiling, shampooing, and conditioning is not enough. Daily exposure to pollution, chemicals, and other hair styling products can dramatically pull down the quality of hair. To protect your hair, you can effectively use a high-quality hair serum that multi-tasks on the hair locks.


What do hair serums do?


Hair serums are meant to protect your dull and damaged hair locks while ensuring they aren’t affected by environmental damage anymore. With aggressive elements, hair tends to lose its shine and moisture which results in hair breakage and damage. Having hair serums are no less than a boon to save the crown of glory from all the brittleness and damage. Just ensure, your hair serum doesn’t contain any toxic or chemical elements to deteriorate the condition further. Pick natural ingredients based hair serum that protects and repairs hair locks from several elements.


How to use a hair serum?


Hair serums are pretty easy to apply for the sake of achieving frizz-free, damage-free, and tangled hair. The best time to apply hair serum is after the shower on the damp hair. Pump some drops of serum in your palm and apply gently over your hair strands. To cover the entire hair volume, you can make sections of hair and apply the serum.


Best Natural Hair Serum to Choose


With so many hair serums available on digital shelves and supermarkets, experts strongly recommend choosing natural hair serums. Follikesh Hair Growth Serum is formulated with scalp boosting natural raspberry seed oil for moisturizing, pea sprout extract for adding volume to your hair, redensyl for stimulating follicles, and Octyl Methoxycinnamate for heat protection. Those who are picking random hair serum from a local store might wonder why the product doesn’t work. Well, it is because of their poor potency and the chemicals involved. Also, for any hair care product to work there should be a viable hair follicle beneath the skin. Follikesh Hair Serum for hair growth specifically works on these rested hair follicles to stimulate them and promote a healthy scalp environment for new growth.