Vitamin B-rich foods you should consume for healthy hair growth

Vitamin B-rich foods

If thinning of hair is constantly troubling you, it’s essential to pause and look for what’s missing in your hair care routine. Probably, if everything seems to be fine, you should consider counting your diet. Well, diet plays a pivotal role in having healthy skin, hair, and body. A nutritious meal has its own pros to leading a healthy life. But apart from this, a healthy meal is also a problem solver as it offers loads of vitamins and minerals to keep the body furnished throughout the day. When it comes to healthy hair growth, vitamin B can help you. Let’s delve into the list of foods rich in vitamin B. First, let us understand what Vitamin B can do for your hair.


Vitamin B for hair growth


Always craving to gain voluminous hair? Here’s a miraculous Vitamin B you should ponder on for oh-so-healthy hair growth.


We know there are too many Vitamins to talk about, but when it comes to hair growth, Vitamin B is definitely on the top. For healthy and luscious hair growth, we all need that one Vitamin B. This includes B7 (biotin), B12 (cobalamin), and B9 (folate) which aim to produce new cells in the body, including hair cells. Biotin also helps to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth. Speaking about folate and B12, they are excellent to produce red blood cells in the body. They further carry nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, while inducing the process of healthy hair growth.


Foods rich in Vitamin B


1. Milk and dairy products


Dairy and milk products are excellent to form bones stronger since it has calcium present in them. But apart from calcium, these milk and dairy products are also enriched with biotin to stimulate healthy hair growth


2. Eggs


Consuming eggs has loads of benefits and the best thing about this food is that it can be consumed in different styles. An excellent source of Vitamin B such as biotin, this food superiorly offers strength to the hair strands and promotes hair growth.  


3. Leafy green vegetables


Vegetables such as kale and spinach are enriched with folate. This clearly indicates that leafy greens are best to promote hair strength.


4. Fish


It is highly suggested to consume high in omega-3 fatty acids fish such as salmon and mackerel. These fish have an abundance of Vitamin B12 that helps to promote scalp health while stimulating hair growth.


5. Legumes


Beans and lentils are power-packed with Vitamin B9 (folate). Therefore, this food helps to escalate the process of hair growth.


6. Nuts and seeds


Pondering on healthy nuts and seeds has millions of benefits. Hence, adding sunflower seeds or almonds to your daily diet helps fuel the body with ample Biotin for hair growth.


7. Whole grains


Consuming oats or brown rice are great options to ponder as they contain Vitamin B to add strength to your hair strands.


8. Citrus fruits


Consuming citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges is rich in Vitamin C and folate that aid in boosting the process of hair growth.


These foods work amazingly in your daily diet. All thanks to the nutrients and fiber in these foods. You can add each food to your part of your daily diet by simply consuming dairy or milk dairy products during your early breakfast. You can consume mid-day snacks or nuts. Salad or eggs. Fish, leafy greens, and legumes can be added to your lunch or dinner. Those who can’t always replenish their body with healthy and balanced meals should consider taking hair growth supplements.


However, one has to remain cautious with Biotin consumption as excessive of certain Vitamin B can have side effects on your body such as digestive issues or skin allergies. Your trichologist or a nutritionist is the best person to consult for clarity on healthy hair care nutrition. This will help you to avoid going overboard with Vitamins as consuming more, doesn’t always indicate better results.