Boost Hair Growth with these 4 must-have Ingredients in Your supplements

Ingredients in Your supplements

Have you been longing for beautiful and luscious hair? Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed with healthy tresses! And this is why we endlessly indulge in guilty pleasures using those heat styling tools. Well, to get this straight, beauty should come from within. Beautiful and voluminous hair can now be achieved by eating right and offering much-needed nourishment from within. Those with restricted eating habits and choices can alternatively switch to hair growth supplements.  


Still confused about how to get a healthy mane, fret not! We’ve got you covered with the list of best hair growth boosting ingredients to transform your dull and thin hair strands into thick and shiny glorious mane. Incorporating high quality and result-driven hair growth supplements enables to deliver all the necessary nutrients to stimulate and flourish hair growth. Hence, feed your hair with the right ingredients from our list and feed your hair with all the essential building blocks. Result? Your crown of glory transforms gradually with time into long, thick, and stronger hair. 


Best hair growth ingredients to swear on:- 


1. Biotin


Now you can get perfect hair with the harnessing power of biotin. This excellent keratin stimulator helps increase the speed of follicle growth while preventing hair loss. Those with Biotin (Vitamin B7) deficiency can experience frequent hair damage and breakage. Hence, adding this ingredient to your regular hair care routine can offer strength to the existing hair strands while stimulating further hair growth.


2. L-Methionine


L-Methionine offers essential amino acids as a building block to formulate protein in the body. These proteins make favourable conditions on the scalp to halt hair loss, slow down the early aging of hair and stimulate hair growth. 


3. L-Lysine 


L-lysine is another amino acid-based protein that takes care of the hair strands and follicles. Naturally present in the root of the hair, those with a deficiency can experience severe hair fall and breakage. Taking an L-lysine supplement helps to add volume and growth to the hair strands while escalating the ideal process of hair regrowth.


4. L-Cysteine


L-Cysteine is a key component to build up essential protein for hair called keratin. This ingredient is directly linked to maintaining the wonderful thickness and texture of your hair. This sulphur containing protein efficiently delivers zinc and iron to the scalp to promote healthy hair regrowth. 


To sum it up


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