5 Ways to Escalate Hair Growth Rate with Follikesh

hair growth rate with follikesh
hair growth rate with follikesh

Our hair has a severe impact on the way we appear, including the personality and confidence that we own! Healthy, voluminous hair is no less than pride for both men and women. Gently running fingers in between the voluminous and glossy hair gives us a feel of splendour that adds to our persona further. For some, it could be a tedious task to maintain healthy growth and volume of hair. Especially during the year 2023, when the climate, pollution, and poor lifestyle choices are taking a drastic toll on our hair. 

Many teenage girls and women have the desire to own luscious, long hair. Well, those desiring healthy hair growth should know that the entire hair growth factor depends on the health of follicles. These follicles are nothing but tiny dot-like pockets appearing on the scalp. That’s where the hair beings to grow. The roots of hair consist of cells and proteins that contribute to hair growth. A bit of imbalance in the structure of hair can severely affect hair growth. 

It is totally okay to have normal shedding of hair while washing or combing. But unnecessary hair breakage or strands of hair appearing on the pillow and floor could be a sign of your unhealthy hair. It is best to see the trichologist to diagnose the health of your hair. One of the primary reasons for hair damage is due to use of ill-effect of chemical-based hair care products. It is mandatory to have a healthy hair routine that includes gentle and non-abusive best hair care products

Here are some pro tips to enhance and escalate hair growth at home:

Tips to escalate hair growth rate

  1. Ensure to include gentle and clean hair care products 

The desire for healthy and thick hair is not an overnight result. There’s a lot of consistency and care needed before we could barely notice any result. Those who are under the influence of bad hair care products, i.e. paraben and sulphate-based products. It’s best to pick a full-fledged non-toxic hair care range to maintain excellent hair health. It is better to do thorough research on a good set of hair care products to ensure the products are toxin-free and gentle on your scalp. This is the best way to maintain a healthy environment for speedy hair growth. 

Too much sebum production can restrict the growth of hair. Any product that deeply cleanses your scalp can work effectively at controlling sebum production. Moreover, those who are frequent travellers, experience frizzy, and sluggish hair with dirty scalps encounters on regular basis. A gentle yet chemical-free cleanser can intensely help cleanse the scalp while reducing dandruff and scaly scalp that could eventually restrict speedy hair growth. 

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A healthy and proper diet plays a pivotal role in ensuring the hair grows faster. A good diet plays a vital role in determining the texture of the hair and skin. A balanced and nutrition-full diet on regular basis helps with consuming a healthy amount of nutrients that your body needs. For instance, you get a healthy amount of fats, biotin, Vitamin C, D, and E including omega 3 which is essential for excellent hair growth. 

Our hair needs enough hydration and nourishment for optimum growth and healthy survival. It is the secret to healthy roots and strands. Incorporating a healthy practice of oiling and massaging hair helps invigorate the hair follicles to deliver all necessary nutrients to them which are needed for healthy and speedy hair growth. It further encourages blood circulation that strengthens the follicles, lubricates strands, and releases stress if it’s done appropriately. Ensure to go for a high-quality hair oil that helps repair the damage and nourishes the scalp at the same time. It is good to oil and massages your scalp at least two times a week.

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Our body might not get all the essential vitamins and minerals from a regular diet at times. That’s when the supplements come into the picture. According to the experts, our brittle and damaged hair is due to a lack of nutrients and care, and improper diet can be one of the prime reasons. Supplements are the best that helps score well. They can effectively compensate for the loss of nutrients while boosting the impact of hair growth.

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