Reasons to Invest in Mild Shampoo for Your Hair

follikesh onion hair shampoo

Any mild shampoo clearly states that it is formulated with zero harmful chemicals and toxins. The ingredients involved in formulating such mild shampoos are usually meant to hydrate and cleanse the scalp. Some products truly deliver excellent results in removing impurities, grime, and excess sebum while at the same time being gentle on the hair strands and scalp. Moreover, some really don’t dry out or damage your hair after washing. The conditioning agents in these shampoos are specifically formulated to give frizz-free hair while keeping hair soft and shiny.  

Mild shampoos do not contain the harmful ingredients listed below: 

Yet thinking about how mild shampoos are different than the usual ones? Well, below are the ingredients that you won’t find in any mild shampoo. These ingredients are no less than harsh chemicals that may ruin your hair in the long run:

–  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): This is a strong cleansing and lather-forming agent usually added to non-mild shampoos. It gives a satisfying cleansing effect on the scalp but in reality, the surfactants strip out natural oils from the scalp while leaving hair dull, dry, and rough.

–  Silicone: This is a synthetic polymer usually used to offer shine and slip to your hair. Although the effect remains temporary, the waterproof coating of this silicone build-up on the scalp can make your hair go frizzy, brittle, and dry. 

–  Parabens: It is used as a preservative in shampoo. This ingredient has an excellent ability to penetrate the layers of the skin while leaving your scalp irritated, and hair dull and rough. 

Potential benefits of using a mild shampoo for your hair:

A healthy scalp

Any mild shampoo does not involve any kind of harsh elements and therefore, it works on the scalp without irritating further. This creates a healthy scalp environment to mitigate hair issues while boosting hair growth in the future. 

Reduces hair loss

Buy Follikesh Onion hair shampoo are excellent to deal with your hair fall concerns. This is because it is relatively gentle and safe since the ingredients do not involve chemicals. In short, mild shampoos are comparatively zero damage-causing products that can go well with any hair type and structure. Regularly using mild hair care products aids in controlling hair thinning and hair fall to a considerable extent. Moreover, mild shampoos are power-packed with natural scalp-nourishing ingredients that deliver strength to your hair while promoting healthy hair growth shampoo.

Balances pH levels

Shampoos that are mild on the application are free from any kind of chemicals. The ingredients help preserve a healthy pH balance on the scalp. It further protects the hair from any kind of damage while making them soft and easily manageable.

Prevents dry and frizzy hair

Those who have frizzy, dry, or extremely oily hair can opt for a mild shampoo. The mild range of hair care products makes a great choice for cleansing the entire scalp while eliminating excessive sebum from the scalp. It excellently maintains a healthy balance of natural oils on the scalp. 

Improves natural shine

A mild shampoo is formulated to eliminate grime, dirt, and unwanted build-up from the scalp for enhanced hair texture. It further contributes to offering healthy, and shiny hair. 

What can Follikesh Onion Shampoo do to your hair?

Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo is free from parabens and sulfate and this is why they are extremely gentle, yet effective for your hair. Powered by the goodness of onion, manjistha, aloe vera, coffee, neem, and brahmi, this shampoo all-natural cleansing effect on your scalp. This could be your ideal choice to maintain the shine, strength, and hydration of your hair locked without compromising on the quality of your hair in the long run.