Powerful Benefits of Bhringraj Oil for Hair

bhringraj oil for hair skin
bhringraj oil for hair

Ayurveda, our ancient medical science has too many things to offer including those oils that are extracted from specific herbs. Let’s not forgot about those Ayurvedic plants offering medicinal benefits. We are discussing the king of all herbs, ‘Bhringraj’. This powerful ingredient holds numerous hair care and skincare benefits and it’s one of the primary reasons why our ancestors have been relying on this herb. Also known as ‘Keshraj’ which means ‘the king of hair’, Bhringraj extracted oil improves hair growth, prevents hair from premature greying, moisturizes dull, and clarifies dandruff.   

Bhringraj comes from the sunflower family, and the leaves of this herb are concocted with a potential carrier oil that can be heated to extract Bhringraj oil. This is why, Bhringraj oil is effective, suitable for all hair types, and a hair care expert’s favourite too.

The nutritional content of Bhringraj extracted oil is as follows:- 

To amplify the benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair, Follikesh has carefully formulated Best Follikesh onion hair oil. It is a blissful amalgamation of ancient herbs and natural kitchen ingredients such as Onion, Bhringraj, Olive, Argan, Black Sesame, Rosemary, Sunflower, Brahmi, and many more oils. This unique formulation is worth opting for to keep your hair nourished and away from other hair concerns. All thanks to its gentle, safe, and toxin-free formulation, Follikesh hair oil can surely satiate your hair care routine while achieving superior growth in a short time.

Some of the benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair are as follows:-

Bhringraj promotes hair growth

On an honest note, we all want to have long and healthy hair and that’s why Follikesh brings to you herbal hair care formula that enhances blood circulation on the scalp. This is the best hair oil that aims at delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair while boosting hair cells. 

Bhringraj minimizes hair fall

Sometimes people with poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy eating habits suffer from stress-related hair loss. To overcome this situation, oiling your hair plays a crucial role. Follikesh hair oil is power packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to decrease hair breakage and prevent hair loss. 

Strengthen roots

Greasy, dried, and damaged hair from the ends can signify weaker roots. The condition aggravates due to environmental factors and other heating tools that we use to style our hair. The herbal concoction of 10 vital ingredients, can superiorly strengthen your hair while reducing the damage. 

Rectifies dandruff and scalp dryness

Follikesh consists of herbal ingredients that show promising antifungal and anti-inflammatory results. Hence, this hair oil can help treat scalp dryness, and flaky scalp, while reducing dandruff. It also works effectively on the scalp that is affected by psoriasis, or other infection on the scalp.

Treats premature greying

We know you’d like to embrace aging with time, those premature greying of hair can be infuriating. Premature greying can result from a lack of nourishment on hair ends which can now be fuelled with Follikesh hair oil. This hair works magically on the scalp to stimulate restricted oxidative stress while boosting melanin production in hair follicles for darker hair colour. 

Provides shine and lustre to the strands

Healthier hair is referred to by its shine, thickness, and length. Follikesh hair oil is enriched with many herbal nourishing ingredients that promote healthier hair by softening hair strands, adding shine, and giving a smooth texture. 

Reduces frizz

Too much use of heating and styling tools can considerably make your hair strands dry and frizzy. Follikesh Onion Hair Oil & Bhringraj Hair Oil is a brilliant amalgamation of medicinal herbs that deeply nourishes hair while reducing fizziness and adding shine.  

Soothes the mind and alleviates stress

Prolonged exposure to stress is one of the top reasons for hair loss. Massaging the head with hair oil is an old-age practice to boost blood circulation on the scalp and relax stress. Follikesh hair oil when massaged on the scalp thrice a week helps immediately calm the stress while boosting the mood.  

Now that you have so many reasons to use Follikesh Onion & Bhringraj Hair Oil, grab this Bhringraj hair oil today to see a noticeable difference in the quality of your hair!