Tips to reduce hair breakage at home

reduce hair breakage at home

Just like hair fall, hair breakage is also a serious issue that needs to be addressed with care these days. It really doesn’t matter if people are losing a few hair strands or a heavy chunk, hair breakage could always remain an overwhelming and stressful subject. The rising concern of hair breakage might also lead to anxiety. With all the several root causes of hair breakage, hair styling tools, chemical exposure, poor nutrition, and, over-brushing are some of the common causes.

Here are the top 5 tips to effectively deal with hair breakage from the comfort of your home:-

1. Minimize the use of hair styling tools

Regularly using hair styling or heating tools on your hair is the primary reason for instant hair breakage. Your crown of glory is sensitive and vulnerable to several factors including heating and styling tools. These tools can make or break your crown of glory. Use a heat protector serum for your hair to minimize the damage, if you can’t stop using your hair styling tool. 

2. Be gentle with your hair 

Constantly scrubbing rigorously or over washing your hair could lead to the depletion of your hair’s natural oil while making them appear brittle and damage prone. Wash your hair two times a week and three times if you have a highly oily scalp.

3. Go chemical free 

Ensure to use mild and chemical free products on your hair to save your crown of glory. Using chemical infused follikesh onion hair shampoo including parabens or sulphates can eventually make your hair strands dull and prone to breakage. Wash your hair with chemical free and gentle ingredients that can instantly improve the quality of your hair while smoothening its strands. Similarly, avoid pulling or tugging your hair while brushing to trigger breakage.

4. Diet matters

Everything that you feed your body, is eventually reflected on your hair and skin. According to experts, anyone who is consuming a healthy, and nutritious meal with a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals aids in promoting hair health while preventing hair breakage.

5. Care for your hair

Indulging in trending chemical hair colouring, rebonding, or smoothening procedures can pull out all the natural essence from your hair, leading to damage and constant breakage of hair. Always ensure to take additional care of your hair while keeping chemicals and alien elements away as much as you can.  Inculcating these tips into your regular hair care routine can help prevent hair breakage while encouraging healthy onion hair growth oil. If you’ve been taking extreme care of your hair and yet suffering from hair breakage, ensure to seek guidance from a hair care professional.