Basics of Hair Wash You Should Know

Hair Wash

Have you ever wondered that even the simplest hair wash can put your crown of glory into trouble? Well, it’s a staunching yes! This is the most basic part of any hair care routine that we all have been following for many years. It for sure doesn’t require any serious level of skill to perform. We all would agree with getting the right hair care product plays a pivotal role in deciding the faith of the hair. Stressing too much over following the basic of any hair care routine could only ruin the result.


Here are the basic hair wash tips you should be knowing no matter what hair type or texture you have.


Choose a suitable shampoo for your hair


It is important to pick the right shampoo to achieve healthy and voluminous hair. Before selecting a shampoo, it is necessary to find your hair type. This will help you better to understand what your hair really needs. Accordingly, you can purchase your ideal hair care product by reading the ingredients properly on the packaging. For instance, someone with dandruff should opt for anti-dandruff shampoo.


Use the shampoo on the scalp only


It is necessary to wash your hair properly with the ideal shampoo wherein it should be applied on the scalp itself. On hair wash, ensure that residues don’t form on the scalp as they can trigger scalp irritation, itchiness, or dandruff. Your ends of strands don’t need much cleansing, therefore your primary focus should be on the scalp.


Conditioner are restricted to lengths 


A conditioner is meant to be applied to the length of hair and ends only. Those who tend to apply it on roots or scalp can ruin the scalp environment by making them greasy and scaly. Ensure to take a small amount of conditioner and evenly apply it over the hair length and ends. 


Use onion hair oil for extra nourishment


Our hair has been the most delicate element that needs utmost care and pampering. Whether you are dealing with dry, frizzy, chemical-treated, or damaged hair, nourishment is non-negotiable. Therefore, experts recommend using ‘onion hair oil to deeply nourish and condition hair locks. Power-packed with sulphur and other hair boosting nutrients, this hair oil offers ultimate moisture and strength to your hair. 


Go gentle with your hair every day


Hair wash is meant to be a gentle cleansing process. It doesn’t have to be an aggressive process. Hence, it is necessary to choose a mild shampoo with natural ingredients and zero sulphate and paraben involved.