Follikesh Hair Serum Review

follikesh hair serum review

If you’ve asked any curly or wavy-haired girl about her go-to hair care product, the response would be the same – a hair serum. This quick fixer acts as a Holy Grail product for someone like me, who has undisciplined hair. My hair at times turns way too wavy, and frizzy and sometimes it gets really tough for me to manage them and look up-to-date during the last-moment meetings and dates. During these last-moment submissions, I ensure to keep Follikesh Hair Serum handy. It’s been more than four months since I’ve been using this hair serum and I’m baffled with its instant result on my hair. 


Since I already have overactive sebum production all over my scalp, my hair tends to become oily over the scalp within two days after washing and frizzy from the end. Hence, I was decisive about my ideal hair care routine. This hair serum with extra UV protection is completely perfect to keep that perfect balance of soothing texture and over-powering impact. This was not the first hair serum I was introduced to, the earlier experience was horrifying. Since I wanted to play safe with the hair care product, I choose Follikesh for one more reason – its natural formulation! 


Here’s what Follikesh Hair Serum does to my hair


1. It smoothens strands and softens frizzy ends


This is the most amazing thing about a hair serum that I’ve come across. Since the time I started using this hair serum, I’m quite impressed with the results. It instantly changes the entire look of the hair by offering extra bounce and smoothness. And the bonus is it does not include silicone or parabens in the formulation. 


2. Prevents hair breakage


Healthy and manageable hair is a sign of good hair days. My hair was prone to breakage due to stress, hormonal changes, and constant work-life balance. This hair serum from Follikesh has totally changed the way my hair appeared to be. Now they appear to be more restored, revived, and manageable. 


3. Gives a smooth and glossy shine


Follikesh hair serum on application gives a natural shine and glossy texture to the hair strands within a few seconds. All you’ve to do is, pump a bit of serum on your palm and fingertips and smoothly glide through the tresses. Give a couple of minutes to let the serum settle on the hair strands for an even and finessed texture.


4. Boosts hair growth


Follikesh hair serum is formulated with Redensyl – an expert ingredient that helps hair to regrow from the roots. Hence, this hair serum is known to multitask on the scalp to protect weaker hair strands from harmful elements such as heat damage including stimulating hair growth. 




This natural and powerful hair serum is made of:

  • Raspberry Seed Oil: To moisturize and cleanse the scalp. 
  • Pea Sprout Extract: To improve the volume of hair naturally.
  • Redensyl: To promotes hair growth.
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate: To reflect UV Rays and protects your hair and scalp. 


My overall experience


Each time I invest in any hair care product, the look, feel, and ingredients of the product matter a lot to me. In the beginning, I was extremely concerned about its overall texture as some serums are too sticky and a big turn-off for hair. This serum is not at all oily and greasy on application. It is light-weight on hair which is a huge plus factor for me. Follikesh hair serum with UV (SPF-15) is my go-to product right after the shampoo ritual. I apply a couple of drops of this serum to my towel-dried hair to get the right wave and texture. Within a few seconds, the serum settles well on the strand to make you all set for the day.