Debunking Hair Care Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Hair Care Myths

There’s one thing we’d never feel the dearth of and it's nothing but hair care advice. Everyone has so much to pass on when and at times, there’s a sheer repetition of the same old advice. Emphasizing on same hair care advice always doesn’t mean it is completely true and beneficial. If you’ve received any outdated advice, here are some of those debunked. 


List of common hair care myths we all might have heard that need to be debunked.


1. Myth: Keep switching your hair care products monthly.


Well, this is the number one hair care myth that we should keep changing out hair care products such as hair oil and shampoo every few months to keep up the quality of our hair. To be honest, there’s no room to deny that our hair care routine requires regular alteration and changes. But this doesn’t mean you should change your hair care products frequently. Instead, pick products wisely that work on your scalp for a longer run. You can think of changing your hair care routine or hair care products with the changes in the weather or season. For instance, you can use argan hair oil in winter but definitely not in the summer as the consistency of this oil is thick and sticky. 


2. Myth: Your hair would become healthy with regular combing.


It’s common to come across this hair care myth as we have heard a lot from our mothers and grandmothers. The idea to continuously comb radiates from the era when there was no conditioner, or hair serums available to take after the mane. The people back then would regularly comb throughout the day to allow evenly distribute the natural oil from the scalp to the strands for a smooth and soft finish. Now that we have several hair care products available, constant combing can ruin the hair locks while stripping of the benefits of these hair care products. Instead, you should stick around to the habit of detangling knots with a good hair brush to avoid damage to your strands. 


3. Myth: You must wash your hair multiple times a week.


Everyone has got this sizzling question in their mind ‘How many times to wash hair?’ Well, sticking around the count is a definite myth. As we all have different types, color, and textures of hair, we can’t adopt the same frequency for hair washing. Instead, you should wash your hair according to the requirement. For instance, if your hair is dry and severely damaged then you should wash it a couple of times only as washing regularly can make your hair fragile.  


4. Myth: Applying onion hair oil makes hair appear greasy.


Some strongly believe that applying onion hair oil can make hair look greasy and sticky. Well, the truth is, applying onion hair oil in an adequate amount and later massaging well will not leave your hair greasy. Instead, onion hair oil can instantly bring shine to your strands and evenly moisturize the scalp if used in sufficient quantity. Do not go overboard with your hair oil routine. 


5. Myth: Regularly trimming hair escalates the hair growth process.


This is yet another common hair care myth we all have heard. To clear the myth, hair growth has literally nothing to do with hair trimming as the process works from the scalp follicles. Also, the cycle of hair growth totally depends on genetics. These trims can certainly help to get over split ends that might contribute to hair damage.  Hope these hair care myths will help in taking a wiser hair care approach without being influenced by what others follow. Your better hair days have just become easier with Follikesh!