Frizz-Free Hair Care Tips for Winter

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With November month approaching, the chilly weather is already setting in. Although winters are pleasant, they can’t be the same for our skin and hair. Cold weather and intense winds can exacerbate hair damage causing frizzy, dull, and ruthless brittle hair. Here are some amazing hacks to follow this winter to restore the shine and bounce to your hair.

Step I: Nourishment

Cold weather makes your scalp drier than before, causing flakiness, itching, and irritation. With our hectic lifestyle, we often forget to pause and oil our hair. Oiling has always been a crucial step to a healthy and nourished scalp. Skipping this process even once can cost a lot leading to dull, frizzy, and lifeless hair. We strongly recommend nourishing your hair to improve its quality and life. Oiling the scalp stimulates blood flow, and enhances shine and lustrous hair growth

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Step II: Cleansing

The next step towards a healthy crown of glory is a nice hair wash. Ensure to use rich quality shampoo to remove excess oil from your scalp and prevent hair dryness. Chemicals in your shampoo can make your hair woes worse. Try using a mild, damage-reversing shampoo to promote strong and break-free hair. 

Pro Tip: Try using Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo to gently eliminate dirt and oil build-up while offering support to your hair throughout the dry season. 

Step III: Conditioning

Your frizz-free hair in winter is just a conditioner away! Similar to how you moisturize your body, your hair needs it too. After every hair wash, it is essential to condition your hair with a good conditioner or hair serum. It is the best way to keep your hair soft and bouncy throughout the day. This step is crucial to add moisture to the hair while easing the de-tangling process by avoiding hair fall

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