How Long Does It Take for Hair Growth Serums to Show Results?

Hair Growth Serum

Hair serums have created a lot of buzz and impression in the short time span after their launch. Currently, it is no less than a lead star in the world of hair care. Initially after creating magic as a wonderful hair managing therapy, this hair serum has made an impromptu shift as a fabulous hair regrowth serum. All thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative ingredients involved in formulating the brand new hair serum. Such hair serums have certainly enriched hair health for many who were suffering from several hair concerns. 


All thanks to the promising hair care benefits of hair serum, it has gained a lot of traction to address various hair concerns such as thinning hair and thinning hair lines. The recent report conveys, the demand for hair regrowth serums is increasing each year in India. This is because almost 50% of the adult population is dealing with progressive hair loss from the scalp.  


For those who are yet guessing of hair growth serum, it is nothing but a liquid formulation that is directly applied to the hair strands for immediate results. On application, it forms a protective layer over the strands to moisturize and smoothen tresses for shiny manageable hair. All the active ingredients involved in the making of hair serum explicitly take care of new hair follicles while managing hair loss. Moreover, it is also known to restore hair growth while enriching the overall health of the hair from within. The hair serum usually benefits the hair strands immediately to offer shine, glossiness, and softness. But, those who are willing to gain scalp benefits should hold patience and dedication to see noticeable results. 


Let's take a closer look at how these hair serums work!  


  1. Hair Serum Revitalizes Damaged Hair


A good hair serum helps restore luster, and frizz to nourish and soften unruly hair strands. These serums work effectively in repairing split ends and making hair thick and long. These hair serums are formulated with natural and herbal extracts that work on enhancing the overall crown of glory. Each ingredient works closely to condition hair, repair dead skin cells, restore damage, and stimulate blood flow to the scalp for promising results. For instance, Follikesh hair growth serum with UV SPF-15 Protection contains Raspberry Seed Oil, Pea Sprout Extract, Redensyl, and Octyl Methoxycinnamate. 


  1. Hair Regrowth Serum Reactivates Hair Follicles


The innovative hair serum from Follikesh promises to speed up hair growth while combating several hair concerns. As usual, the length of hair takes at least 3 – 8 months for a good amount of growth, on the use of this hair serum you can see visible results in 2 – 6 months of daily use. 


  1. Anti-Hair Fall Serum for Prolong Anagen Phase


There is a proper hair growth cycle that begins by preventing hair loss while slowly reducing hair fall. The serum is known to stimulate hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase (the phase initiating the hair growth cycle). It further energizes the cells to regenerate hair follicles while encouraging hair growth.