Protect Hair in Every Way with Follikesh Hair Serum

Follikesh Hair Growth Serum

Every time I stand in front of the mirror, the first and last thing I do is caress my tresses. Well, who doesn’t? Nobody would disagree with this, as beauty lies in the hair. One thing that is common among all ladies is their love to style their hair and care for it. Some of us, unfortunately, don’t get time to pamper or show ultimate care. 

Due to a hectic lifestyle, we end up ignoring several hair issues. Keeping them up-to-date is a healthy way to take care of hair. Maybe trimming those split ends, being honest with the color, and going natural with the products can be a few effective ways to keep up your hair care game. 

I would like to spill the game-changing hair care product that I’ve been profusely using right before stepping out. It’s Follikesh Hair Serum! You must be thinking almost all hair care brands have their hair serum, what’s new in this to call it a game-changer? This hair serum from Follikesh comes with UV SPF-15 Hair Protection Formula. In short, this hair serum has the potency to stand against all odds due to its premium-quality, natural effect on hair. 

Now you must be thinking, hair serum does similar to your hair like any other hair oil does – CONDITIONS. 

Hair serums do exactly the same to your hair as the face serums do to your skin. On one side, hair oils have quite thick consistency containing more of a pure-oil base. It seeps deep into your scalp and strands to hydrate your hair from within. On the other side, Follikesh Serum gently coats your hair as a defensive layer to naturally hydrate frisky hair. A mildly refreshing fragrance will not only woo your state of mind but also those dull hair strands. 

It gives an instant hydrating boost of course with a nourishing and frizz-free effect. Although there are many hair serums available in the market, Follikesh is obviously not one of them. 

Here’s how Follikesh Hair Serum is different from the usual!


Are you still following the irky method of protecting your hair with a piece of cloth? Switch to the new age substitute with this cutting-edge innovative formula in the form of this hair serum. Those who are vivid travelers or need to remain outdoors for a longer time should pick Follikesh Hair Serum with UV SPF-15 Protection. With regular use, you can notice minimum hair damage, for instance, less thinning and steady hair growth


Who doesn’t want to have glossy and shiny hair? We all do! This Follikesh Hair Serum has a glossy yet non-sticky effect on your hair that holds the shine for a longer duration. This superior formula helps to keep your hair frizz-free, smooth and soft without any struggle. Simply pump, apply and shine your way to glory with this heavenly-smelling hair serum.


Not we, but our mothers and grandmothers were vivid fans of naturally originated kitchen ingredients. The favorite on the list for hair care was ONION. Even today, the obsession with onion for hair care has not ceased. All thanks to its real and natural results! Follikesh Hair Serum is highly inspired and formulated with this unique yet easy-to-swear-on ingredient. Results? Evidently less breakage of hair with improved hair growth.


Are you a clean hair care hustler? If yes, then you would know how important it is to have a good hair care product with great texture and consistency. Follikesh Hair Serum is an innovative hair-protecting serum to offer a lightweight impact on the application while unleashing its powers. Refined from the unique combination of natural and active ingredients such as Raspberry Seed Oil, Pea Sprout Extract, Redensyl, and Octyl Methoxycinnamate, this hair serum from Follikesh helps in giving your hair that spiky bounce. These hair-loving ingredients in a pure sense hydrate, protect, and strengthens your hair without leaving a greasy effect. 


Follikesh Hair Serum is free from Paraben and Sulfates to offer everything natural in all senses. With the goodness of Raspberry Seed Oil and Pea Sprout Extract, this lightweight hair serum helps strengthen follicles while maintaining the pH balance of your scalp. 

 Things to know before using Follikesh Hair Serum