The Basics of Moisturizing Natural Hair

Moisturizing Natural Hair

Just like we all have best friends, those tresses have best friends as well – Moisture! Without moisture, tresses are dull, dry, and undernourished. Results? Tangled, frizzy, and damaged hair. Moisture plays a crucial role to have bouncy, defined, and tangle-free hair locks, but many find it difficult to keep accurately moisturized. We have curated this article to naturally moisturize hair locks for everyday healthy hair.


What is hair moisturizer?


Just as our skin needs moisturization to maintain healthy, refreshing, and pristine looking skin, hair locks need similar hair care therapy. Applying the right natural hair care product to your hair locks helps make them appear soft and frizz-free. You can simply use one single product such as hair serum to achieve much-needed results on your tresses. You can further make your own decision by reading the ingredients list on the hair care product instead of applying directly whatever you’ve found. 


Best Ingredient for moisturizing hair


Our scalp and hair strands tend to absorb moisture ingredients at different speeds and levels. Using moisture attracting ingredients helps to speed up the penetration activity in the strands and scalp. For instance, Raspberry Seed Oil has the ability to stimulate moisturizing activity at a good speed. Those who are using hair care product with chemicals such as sulphate (SLS), parabens, or phthalates retards the product to do its job in the right way. 


Raspberry seed oil when combined with pea sprout extract, redensyl, and octyl methoxycinnamate superiorly works on the hair strands and scalp to evenly moisturize, and seal the hair’s cuticles with heat protecting and hair growth nutrients.


The right way to moisturize hair


  • Moisturizing is extremely essential to include in the hair care routine, no matter what type of hair you own. 
  • The moisturizing process has to be taken place always on clean hair and scalp. 
  • The ideal time to apply a hair serum is, post shower, once your hair is semi dried state. 
  • Always choose the right hair care product whether it is a shampoo or a serum. 
  • Picking a product with harsh ingredients can strip out the natural essence of your hair while making them appear dull and damaged.


Best hair serum for moisturization


Follikesh hair growth serum with UV (SPF-15) is ideal for evenly coating your hair strands and scalp to offer an excellent boost of natural nutrients to dull, damaged, and unmanageable hair. Ideal for all hair types and concerns, this hair growth serum offers unique heat protection results while escalating hair growth.