How to pick the right Oil for your Low Porosity Hair

Oil for your Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair has recently emerged as a serious problem mostly existing in women of all ages. Reportedly, millions of girls are suffering from this issue, and with this comes the biggest challenge with their hair being unable to absorb moisture or any hair care product easily. To test your porosity level on yourself, simply try to moisturize your hair, try oiling, or pour water. If it doesn’t tend to absorb oil or water easily, your hair is likely to suffer from low porosity. 


Usually, the low porosity hair has a flat cuticle layer which makes the hair resistant to absorb anything that we apply. And this ultimately leads to quick hair dryness. According to experts, some oils such as coconut oil may not soften your low porosity hair. Hence, your low porosity hair specifically needs a product that triggers your hair strands to hold moisture within. 


The easiest way to find out if you have low porosity hair


Take a few hair strands from your comb or brush (ensure to use this experiment only with your clean, product free hair strands). Drop it into a glass filled with water and wait for a couple of minutes. If these hair strands tend to float after a while, you are likely to have low porosity hair. If those strands sink in the water, congratulations, you have high porosity hair. 


Those dealing with low porosity hair may find it difficult to reap benefits from their hair care routine. Hence, it is highly suggested to choose appropriate hair care products that can get into your low porosity hair to make a difference. Fret not! We have curated a list of the best oil that can go well with low porosity hair. 


Best hair oil for your low porosity hair


1. Onion Oil: 


Onion is on the list of popular for all the good reasons! This kitchen ingredient has a wonderful ability to deal with low porosity hair. According to experts, onion oil has the tendency to thoroughly nourish the scalp follicles while increasing blood circulation on the scalp for hair growth


2. Argan Oil:


Argan Oil, widely known as Moroccan Oil, can be the next best ingredient to boost low porosity hair. This oil helps to form a protective layer while locking in the moisture until it wipes out. This further helps in developing a wonderful layer of moisture surrounding hair to enclose the moisture within. This aids in boosting the strength of the hair strands. All thanks to the Vitamin A, E, ferulic acid, and fatty acids that stimulates the hair and scalp towards improvement. 


3. Almond Oil:


Almond oil works marvellously on the low porosity hair. The high Vitamin E, Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin A, and protein content in Almonds help treat weak hair while adding strength and moisture within. Furthermore, this oil has the ability to create hair strands thicker, longer, and moisturized. 


4. Sunflower Seed Oil:


Extracted from the sunflower plant, this sunflower seed oil is a widely used hair oil in the industry to evenly moisturize the hair strands and scalp. The deep conditioning impact of this hair oil has a fine ability to deal with low porosity hair. Enriched with Vitamin A and E, the sunflower seed oil is excellent to resolve conditions such as scalp dryness and itchy scalp naturally.  


To sum it up If you are dealing with low porosity hair and don’t know how to manage it, try using Follikesh Onion Hair Oil. It is a blend of multiple natural extracts and each one has its result-driven effect on the scalp and hair. Formulated with onion oil, almond oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, etc., this hair oil is ideal to moisturize low porosity hair strands without weighing down your hair locks.