Tips for Stronger & Damage-Free Hair Cuticles

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The maintenance of hygienic hair and scalp is one random talk of the town. The poor hair cuticles are never ever discussed. Some of us confuse hair follicles with hair cuticles, but in reality, both are two different topics. For those who don’t know, a cuticle is nothing but strands of hair having an outermost layer offering a natural colour and protection to your hair from several damages. 

According to hair experts, hair cuticles are usually the layer of dead cells that covers the strands as a protective agent. They are the scaly-appearing cells that overlap cuticles to protect a single strand of hair. These microscopic cellular structures promote shiner and stronger hair. It is non-negotiable to take good care of your hair’s cuticles with the use of the right and chemical-free hair care products. 

Understanding the hair cuticle 

A healthy cuticle appears to be super-smooth and shiny without any effort. Moreover, the sign of healthy hair cuticles is that they create less hair shaft friction. This is one of the reasons why using nourishing hair care products has become extremely essential. One can easily identify a healthy cuticle by analysing a single strand based on its thickness and smoothness from the tip to the root. 

Ways to strengthen hair cuticles

The healthy hair concept is composed of thin layers of cells that cover the strands like tiles of the roof. These tiles often tend to crack or become sharp when the hair gets damaged. Well, this comparison suits you aptly if you get to examine your own hair strand under a microscope. Also, the hair strands that are damaged can be recognized as they appear to resemble an unwound piece of rope.

The cuticles often get damaged when there are a lot of chemicals involved in your hair care products. Also, heat and other styling tools can ruin the health of the cuticles easily. This is why our hair feels frizzy, dry, and damaged a day after doing a hairstyle. An inappropriate hair care routine, environmental damage, and grooming can also ruin your hair shafts while weakening the entire structure of your hair. 

Our cuticles are naturally drenched in the sebum (oil) that is extracted from the scalp and roots. This sebum ensures to protect the cells of the hair from drying out completely and getting damaged prone. When the weather gets dry and humid, especially during winters and summers, the protective sebum may dry off damaging the cuticles. Hence, it is essential to keep your hair cuticle moisture locked always for a healthy sign.

Ways to restore healthy hair cuticles at home

Keeping the hair conditioned all the time plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy locks and cuticles. Indulge in limited showering sessions with not more than 3 times a week. You can pick a hair care product that has all the nourishing and damage-restoring qualities. For instance, Follikesh Onion Shampoo works fabulously on hair and its cuticles with zero chemicals or harsh ingredients involved. We understand it’s difficult to analyse and pick the right hair care products from 100+ brands available in the market. Incorporating safe and gentle hair care products such as Follikesh Onion Shampoo can do wonders for your hair. It is the best way to include healthy and shiny hair.