Ultimate End to Split ends with Follikesh


Have you ever felt annoyed each time you see them coming back, even after clear cutting all the ties? Although I sound like but I’m not discussing your exes here. It is about those not-so-pleasing split ends. They have no role to play except for degrading the health of your hair. It’s no less than a full stop to your good hair days when you’d really wish to flaunt it for free. But with split ends, not anymore! These notorious non-welcoming split ends keep coming back every time we chop them off. 

Reasons for Split Ends

Split Ends Preventing Tips to Follow At Home

Rightly Hydrate 

Your split-end-prone hair is ideally dry. Try to moisturize by using hydrating hair care products at regular intervals. You can either use excellent hydrating oil for nourishment or maybe a hair mask. Follikesh Onion Hair Oil is a superior blend of hydrating essential oils for a deeper smoothening and conditioning effect. 

Go Chemical Free

Anything harsh to your hair can have a negative impact. For instance, if your products are not clean (chemical free), then it could reverse the impact. The same goes for the water that you are using. Hard or chlorinated water gets diluted with chemicals. Hence, they can ruin the quality of your hair. Like the water quality can’t be compromised, the temperature should be perfect too. Always go for a lukewarm water shower only when you are washing your hair because hot water can hamper the cuticles and scalp. Each product from Follikesh is assured to be free from all chemicals, paraben, and sulfate. Hence, switching to this hair care brand can be a wiser decision. 

Manage Tangles

At times when the hair is messy to the extreme level, it should be left alone but protected. Trying to comb messy hair can only make the condition worse. Over-combing, hair can also lead to hair breakage as it has to go through constant friction for no reason. Ensure to use a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair in the beginning since it makes the whole process easier. 

Apply Serum

Those who detangle their wet hair should do it in the right way. Ensure to dampen your hair with a clean, smooth cotton towel to remove excess water. Apply a small amount of mildly hydrating hair serum to your hair quickly before running down the comb. Always choose to use a wide-toothed comb. 

Refrain from using Heat Styling Tools

As we discussed earlier, it is best to cut down on using various heat-styling tools. Using them on regular occasions can damage your hair while making them fragile to breakage and split ends. These damages are irreversible. Therefore, style it without applying heat. 

Reduce Hair Treatments

Love to go along with the trend? Hair coloring, smoothening, re-bonding, etc. can do a lot of damage to your hair by degrading the quality and causing breakage. However, doing this more often to stay up with the trend can cause long-term damage to your hair and scalp.

Minimal Styling

Do you over style with regular buns or ponies? Although it could be more convenient and easy, it is equally essential to let your hair free. Constantly keeping them tied up can put a lot of unwanted stress on your hair strands.