7 Common Mistakes to Avoid To Reduce Hair Fall

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We all just love our tresses, but when it starts to fall out, it could be difficult to deal with the whole situation. The first thing we all do to take control of the situation is by changing our hair care products. It becomes harder to think of an easy way to deal with this alarming situation. Introducing your fragile hair to new products can, however, worsen the condition, but making small changes in your hair care routine can save you from such a situation. 

Here are seven common mistakes we all do that trigger hair fall

1. Switching shampoo more often

Are you among those who keep on switching to new products that are introduced in the market? Although it is good to experiment all newly launched brands may not make peace with your hair. Staying committed to one product that you’ve been using for a while will certainly be harmless to your hair. In case you are suffering from hair thinning, introduce your hair with our irresistible Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo.

2. Minimal Conditioning

No matter what type of hair you have, it is not mandatory to condition your hair locks. Even though you are losing a lot of hair, you must condition minimally with a lightweight serum such as Follikesh Hair Growth Serum with SPF-15. It excellently reduces hair damage while preventing hair breakage.

3. Mask Your Hair

Hair masks are now in trend! Deep-condition your crown of glory with the best use of this trending hair mask. In the tress town, a hair mask is exactly like the primer that you apply before you put on makeup. This step is important to reduce hair fall and strengthen your roots. 

4. Let your Hair Absorb all the Good Things (Oiling)

Oiling your hair regularly with the right ingredient helps in escalating the life and quality of your hair. It exactly acts like the oxygen mask for all your damaged hair. Treat your hair by soaking in the goodness of essential oil like the Follikesh Onion Hair Oil. Gently massage for a good 15 minutes so that oil seeps into the scalp and wash it the next day. 

5. Protect Before the Attack

The major contributors to hair damage are these styling tools that induce heat. Frequently introducing your hair to heat-styling tools can cause maximum damage in a few minutes. The best to stay afloat without damaging your hair to an extreme extent is simply to protect your hair with a good serum. Using Follikesh Hair Serum ensures protection from UV rays and heat while enabling you to pass a healthy hair care regime with flying colours. 

6. Don’t Stress your Hair

A happy hair is meant to be left as it is! Loosen up! Constantly pressuring your hair with new styles, and using tight bands, clips, and bobby pins is a big NO that makes them uncomfortable. Style your hair effortlessly with a messy wavy hairstyle. 

7. Over-combing

It is good to de-tangle your hair, but overdoing it can lead to hair loss. Have you ever noticed hair falling even when your tresses aren’t tangled? The reason is right there in front of your dressing table. Combing should be done once in the morning and slightly when you have to step out. Also, ensure to use only the right tools to de-tangle your hair. My personal favorite is those wide-toothed combs or something that has soft bristles.