Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

almond oil

Oiling has been considered a hereditary process of keeping your hair scoring high. According to the ancestors, nothing can go wrong with your hair if you keep on oiling regularly. Once it was annoying for me to understand why my mother would drench (literally) my hair in oil before sending me off to school. Today I can now witness the results of the efforts mother had put in, in the conjunctive use of the almond oil that she would use for my hair.  

Tremendously appreciated in the world of Ayurveda, Almond oil is considered a do-it-all ingredient. It can perfectly blend with any other ingredients and procedure for hair and of course skin. Almond oil has the magical power to offer strength and shine to your hair locks when used long-term. Now is your time to switch to Almond oil for hair if you are still relying on the same old hair oil with minimal results. 

In case you are trying to make a choice between other oil and Almond oil for hair, here are some amazing benefits of almonds for hair:

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

The scalp is where dead skin cells often build up to cause dandruff and itching. Almond is known for its nourishing and hydrating properties, which help combat itchy and dry scalp, while soothing other scalp conditions, such as dermatitis or scalp psoriasis.

The availability of Biotin in almonds aids in escalating the hair growth process with regular massage of this oil. Moreover, it helps in bringing down thinning of hair. It is not always feasible to take additional biotin supplements or other hair-qualifying supplements, similar benefits can be gained with the use of Almond oil for your hair to treat your scalp.

Your hair has been recently going through a lot of tangling episodes? Running down a comb from your hair has become a real task for you. Almond oil for hair can make your hair manageable in all senses. It superiorly softens hair strands for a smoother texture to detangle easily.

Those with sensitive hair can develop flexibility issues as they turn highly fragile and prone to damage. Linoleic acid and Oleic acid found in Almond oil work excellently in collaboration to enhance the strength and flexibility of your hair while reducing its risk of damage.

Almond is full of nutrients that not only benefit hair but also your skin. Adding almond oil to your regular hair care routine can prove effective in masking those reversible damages. All thanks to the Protein, Vitamin E, and Omega-9 fatty acids present in almonds! It ensures restoring damage, including elasticity and moisture while promoting strength and shine.

Almond oil can give your hair a calming scalp with ongoing massage sessions. Almond is known to penetrate deeper into the scalp and follicles to relieve stress and stimulate hair growth on regular use. 

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