Reason behind Everyone Using Onion Hair Oil for Their Hair

follikesh onion hair oil
follikesh onion hair oil

Crave for healthy hair is universal and never-ending where many could reach up to great lengths to achieve hair goals. The most recent example is the trend of applying onion oil for hair. 

Yes, while scrolling down the IG, the most common hair care consist of DIY onion hair care treatment. To get you on your toes with the trend, we have got you covered! There’s no need to run to the local grocery store to stock up on onions, we have got premium ranged hair care products. Don’t let any trend mislead you, here’s the breakdown for you about onion hair oil for hair.   

What is the fuss about onion hair oil?

Onion hair oil is nothing but carefully extracted from onion to apply directly to the scalp and hair to reap its benefits. Although onion for hair is not something new, it has been the oldest form of hair care. Looking up to the old hair care therapy, today’s modern world has formulated the same old method of hair care. Although not all the brands selling onion hair oil are result-driven. But those with stunning abilities don’t fail to deliver world-class results. 

The best thing about onion hair oil is that onion blends and nourishes well to enrich all hair types. Moreover, experts recommend onions work best on those who wish to stimulate their hair growth while boosting the volume of hair. 

The real benefits of onion hair oil for hair

There are proven reports that suggest onion hair oil can restore hair loss issues while improving the health of hair and scalp. The ideal reason behind the potency is it is rich in sulphur content. Sulphur is known to strengthen and support hair since the keratin in hair contains sulphur. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of onion aid in maintaining scalp health. Onions are further enriched with antioxidants, potassium, and amino acids to escalate the process of hair growth while boosting the scalp environment for the same. These exemplary benefits of onion hair oil for hair have allured people to try their hands on this classic ingredient to achieving real hair care results. 

Does onion hair oil smell?

Well, talking about DIYs and raw onion extract, onion might smell. However, the smell won’t stay for longer post-wash. Ensure to rinse your hair properly after using raw onion extract or an onion mask for your hair. Onion is best applied in the form of oil as it won’t smell, according to experts. Mixing the onion extract with the carrier oil helps dilute the smell significantly. That’s why Follikesh onion hair oil works fabulously on your scalp and hair without leaving any smell behind. 

Best way to use onion hair oil To get yourself ready with the trend, all you have got to do is, buy onion hair oil online from Follikesh while amplifying its efficacy by following up with Follikesh onion hair shampoo. When used in combination, these two high-end hair care products from Follikesh delivers desired results on all hair type. To extend the result of red onion oil for hair growth, it is recommended to use Follikesh onion hair oil and shampoo at least twice a week while keeping oil overnight and rinsing off in the morning.