Amla for Hair Oil

Amla for Hair Oil

Amla has always been one of the most popular medicinal ingredients and is widely used in the hair care industry as well. I have always heard from my mother about amla for hair, but never got an opportunity to get first-hand experience. Also known as the Indian gooseberry, it has numerous advantages for the scalp and hair. While doing my research, I found out this high in content fruit is high in tannins and nutrient C that has cancer-prevention abilities. When I decided to incorporate Alma into my hair care routine, here’s what I experienced. 

Benefits of Amla for Hair

– Amla helps stimulate amla hair growth while energizing the scalp and promoting hair growth.

– Amla with the highest concentration of Vitamin C, helps combat the effects of free radicals producing oxidative pressure. These oxidative elements are ideally responsible for going bald, experiencing greying of hair, and hair damage.

– Amla for hair includes tannins that aid in offering protection from heat and sun damage.

– The calcium content in amla promotes better hair days.

– Amla helps strengthen your hair follicles while diminishing the impact of hair loss.

– It helps maintain the original color of your hair while preventing it from premature greying.

– Amla has cell-reinforcing and skin conditioning properties, and this is one of the reasons people use amla for hair.

– Amla has the potency to soothe and heal fungal and viral infections. All thanks to the antiviral and antifungal properties of amla. It helps reduce and prevent scalp related issues such as dandruff, and scalp infection.

– Amla infused hair oil is used to treat scalp issues.

– Amla has the ability to get into the strands and strengthen hair.

– Amla aids in preventing hair loss.

Ways to use Amla for hair

It’s best to use amla for hair in the form of hair oil as amla alone may irritate your scalp due to its high Vitamin C content. To make your own amla infused hair oil at home, ensure to mix dried amla whole or make the powder with follikesh onion hair oil or coconut oil . Let it stay under the sun for 2-3 weeks and then apply it to your hair. To avoid the fuss of making your own amla infused hair oil, there is Follikesh onion hair oil. It is enriched with amla and other essential oils to boost the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Simply pour some Follikesh amla enriched hair oil into your palms, rub profusely, and apply it all over your scalp and hair. Leave the oil for at least 30 minutes or overnight before washing it off. Repeat the oiling procedure every three times a week for invigorating results.