Should You Go For Hair Smoothening Or Not?

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Nothing can beat the happiness of revamping the hairstyle and flaunting them all day long. Of course straight and tangle-free hair is some of the ultimate hair goals we all covet for. On one hand, there are a few women who are blessed with ultra-soft and smooth tresses while on the other hand, many women are struggling with their unruly hair. They are those special cases with women with curls. Everyone has their own way of styling their hair in the most beautiful ways. We have come across a lot of women who love to personalize their hair care goals according to the latest treatment or trend they’ve adopted. 

The most buzzing now is the hair smoothening! Yes, almost every 1 out of 10 is going for hair smoothening to completely get over that frizz. Having salon-like straight hair is excellently trending and women feel happy about trying much on their locks. However, hair smoothening has a different impact on everyone as we all have different types and textures of hair. Even the pattern of hair growth differs from person to person and this is why the treatments differentiate in the length of the visible result. 

What is Hair Smoothening?

Hair smoothening is a special chemical-induced treatment that helps tame unmanageable and unruly hair. It is commonly done by professional hair experts in the salon with the use of a formaldehyde solution to drench the hair strands with moisture. These hair strands are further blow-dried and straightened with a heating tool. It gushes cuticles by delivering lost protein into the strands while making them shiny and smooth. 

It is the quickest solution for those who are willing to straighten their hair. Result? There is less dryness, frizz, and dullness. It could be temporary and last for months or permanent. The permanent ones come along with frequent treatment touch-ups after a few months. Hair smoothing treatments are widely known as keratin smoothening or Brazilian blowouts. Here are some of the ill impacts of hair smoothening.

Negative Effects of Hair Smoothening

Hair fall is quite common among people who undergo hair smoothening treatment. This could be because of the unnecessary usage of destructive chemicals and heating tools that weakens hair follicles leading to hair fall. With time, strands of the hair may lose their original strength, resulting in hair breakage.

The entire process of hair smoothening introduces you and your scalp to multiple chemicals that can make you dizzy or nauseous. While the treatment is done, you might feel a tingling or burning sensation around your eyes as these chemicals may interact with sensitive skin and organs like eyes. In case these chemicals accidentally touch any other area apart from your scalp, they may also create blisters or rashes. 

During the treatment, disulphide and amino acids bonds in your hair strands are wrecked and re-bonded. This temporarily gives completely a new texture to your hair. The natural texture of your hair is somewhere lost during the treatment.

Although hair smoothening makes your hair more manageable for the first few months, it may lead to extreme dryness after a few washes. The scalp might even start after a few hair washes as the chemicals have done by that time the maximum damage to your hair from root to tip. It may further develop split ends and dandruff

When not done properly, hair smoothening can lead to discoloration of hair which you may not notice in the beginning. All the serums applied to your hair during the treatment are followed by strong chemical-infused shampoos that can cause early greying of hair.

Smooth, silky, and shiny hair is now achievable without risking your hair to gazillions of chemicals and damage. Instead of choosing to spend thousands on your salon sessions, try an at-home hair care routine with Follikesh. The premium-ranging products from Follikesh can give you long-lasting, natural, and healthier results without hurting your pocket. Go ahead and shop now to kick-start your journey toward getting smoother hair with Follikesh.