Follikesh: Hair Care Range for Indian Hair

Follikesh Oil Shampoo Serum

Do you remember how happy our hair was back when we were kids? If I recall my childhood, I never heard any complaints from my mom or grandmom about their hair issues, like we are doing today at this age. That time our hair was truly healthier in all senses. Even when we played under the harsh sun, in the dust and dirt, and amid extremely unpolluted blowing wind. Minimal hair fall and easy de-tangle were some of the features back then. No wonders my mom would constantly run around for oiling and keeping them tied for healthy hair growth

Apparently, as we aged, we got surrounded by gazillions of hair care products that eventually started ruining the quality of our hair. Unless we could realize, we all grew up with the trauma of hair fall, dull hair, or premature greying. All these days, we were using random hair care products that had a natural touch of ingredients. Well, don’t worry anymore about the same, as Follikesh has got you covered. 

Enter into an all-natural, sulphate, and paraben-free hair care range by Follikesh that is crafted especially for the Indian hair type. Ideal to use by both men and women, the entire premium hair care range addresses its uniqueness and efficacy on every use. Bring home these amazing #GoodHair ranges for a customized hair care routine that suits Indian users. Your crown of glory needs the right nourishment and care.

Show that care with Follikesh! 

1. Follikesh Onion Hair Oil

Dive into the wholesome onion and other herbal ingredients for enhanced growth, blood circulation, and shine. 

2. Follikesh Onion Shampoo

Eliminate frizz, hair fall, and hair damage with the powerful potent onion shampoo. It will never fail to deeply nourish your tresses while taking you ahead to a good hair day.  

3. Follikesh Hair Serum with SPF – 15

Bring home the biggest hair care trend with this unusual hair-protecting formula – Follikesh Hair Serum with SPF – 15.

Go ahead and flaunt your hair round-the clock with these premium range hair care products by Follikesh.