Unraveling Hair Care Secrets for Every Hair Concern

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Now that winter has hit, our skin and hair would constantly quench in for some little sunlight. Moreover, the rise in humidity makes the entire process extremely challenging to keep up the shine of the hair. It is that time of the year when we all get exceptionally lazy and tired. The constant efforts to keep up hair health on regular basis dramatically fades out the mood. Hair breakage, dullness, split ends, and static hair can almost ruin the crown of glory. Follikesh has got you covered this winter by unraveling the best hair care secrets that manage all your hair concerns. 

We know the importance of time and how sluggish we all become during the winter. Follikesh introduces a minimum hair care routine with the maximum result for you to make the most throughout this rough season without ruining your hair care game. The premium range of products under the brand Follikesh takes care of all your hair woes while offering noticeable results on the first use. Moreover, all products are formulated from natural ingredients without parabens or sulphate involved. 


Winter dehydrated hair welcomes ultimate frizz and static hair on repeat, even after it gets tangled. The primary cause of this issue is nothing but hair dryness. Follikesh Hair Serum with SPF-15 Protection is crafted naturally to hydrate and protect hair strands. To get a silky-smooth finish, pump a bit of this hair serum on your palm and dab it over your hair strands. The glossy moisturizing serum gently moistures the hair for dramatic enhancement. 

Overcome Hair Fall

Called by many names, hair fall is the most frightening issue that can strike anyone at any point in life. The concrete symptoms of hair fall or hair thinning are common, beginning from the few strands on the comb, pillow, clothes, etc. Hair loss of up to 100 strands a day is nothing to worry about. But those who sense its seriousness should immediately act. Using Follikesh Onion Hair Oil on regular basis can fix this issue naturally with the goodness of Onion. To enhance the efficacy of this onion hair oil, replace your usual shampoo with Follikesh Onion Shampoo.

Reverse Damage

Who doesn’t like to ace up the hairstyle? Be it an extensive braid, a bang, or a messy bun, we are constantly in touch with the heating tools for hair styling. Using these tools comes with no warning of frying your hair several times a month on almost every occasion or no occasion. Damage caused by heating tools is real. Don’t believe it? Keep your heating tools somewhere out of your sight for months and go all natural. You can feel the difference in no time! The entire Follikesh range is formulated to reverse and restore hair damage so that you can embrace all hair types. 

Go Dandruff-Free

Dandruff can come at any point in life. It is quite common during winter as the scalp turns dry and flaky. A dry scalp with oily strands often leads to unusual dandruff. Using the wrong product can lead to overdoing it. For instance, lathering with shampoo multiple times strips out the natural oil from the scalp while making the hair and scalp fragile to further damage. Using Follikesh Onion Hair Oil and Follikesh Onion Shampoo can help you get rid of that stubborn flaky scalps without tampering with the pH level of your scalp. Enriched with the goodness of onion, Follikesh revitalizes your hair from root to tip without any adverse effects.