Pro Tips to Take Care of your Colour-Treated Hair

Hair Day

Getting bored with the way your hair looks for years is common. Isn’t it? Many beauty trends would come and go, but the hair colouring trend is something that is never going to end. Embracing new trends and getting along with them is fun! Unfortunately, switching to a new look is never easy or the same for everyone. If you have already coloured your old black hair to enhance your appearance then bravo! We are truly proud! 

Adding splashes of chemicals and drenching your tresses in dye needs great power. And with great power comes great responsibility. Although the struggle of caring for coloured hair is real, you can still keep up your hair care game with T.L.C (tender. love. care) and little effort. Colouring hair and not taking care of it can leave your hair dull, and frizzy while damaging it permanently. Taking the right care with the right effort can make your hair health and colour last long.

Here are pro tips to protect and care for your coloured hair

We have highlighted a brief list of ways to take care of your highlighted tresses. Right from using the right shampoo to practicing some quick after-colouring etiquettes, we have curated them all for you below.

Pick a sulphate-free shampoo

Although hair stylists highly recommend avoiding hair washing for up to 48 hours after hair colour, post that is crucial to cleanse using a sulphate-free shampoo. This good practice will take your coloured hair a long way. Using a non-sulphate shampoo can gently cleanse the hair and scalp without damaging the texture and colour of your hair. Moreover, choose only a sulphate-free range of products for your coloured hair. Try your hands on Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo, which is sulphate and paraben free. Enriched with the goodness of Onion, Aloe Vera, Manjistha, Brahmi, Coffee Seeds, and Neem Leaf, this sulphate-free shampoo offers long-lasting shine and colour that stays intact. 

Refrain from washing your hair every day

Even though you have got the right shampoo for your coloured hair that won’t be harsh on those highlighted tresses, it doesn’t mean you are free to wash more frequently. Overdoing so can lead to consequences such as hair loss. Each shampoo works differently on colour-treated hair and therefore, you should be using it on limited occasions only. Wash your hair only for the sake of keeping it clean. 

Ditch chlorine on colour-treated hair

Love getting drenched in the pool every weekend? Enjoy swimming but with caution, if you have coloured hair. The chlorine present in the pool water can negatively impact your colour-treated hair. Taking steps to avoid chlorine passing through your hair before you dip into the pool can work wonders. Use a swim cap to avoid contact. Chlorine tends to accumulate on your scalp and damages the coloured hair making it fade quickly.

Stay away from heat

Keeping hair away from styling tools and hot water baths for too long isn’t easy. Heat can only make your hair dry, dull, and frizzy. Following the natural technique of hair drying and curling with those overnight braids can work wonders for your normal or coloured hair. We can’t get over Follikesh Onion Hair Growth Serum with SPF-15. This Redensyl and Octyl Methoxycinnamate blended serum offers an exceptional shield to your hair from heat and sun rays while keeping them moisturized and tangle-free even under extreme weather conditions.

Prepare a DIY hair mask

Colouring of hair involves a chemical process and therefore, your tresses might ask for some nourishment. It would be great if you would prepare your hair mask at home and apply it at least once a week to repair and nourish hair strands and follicles. Your coloured hair will thank you for this!

Should I oil my coloured-treated hair?

Yes! Oiling is an essential part of a healthy hair care routine. Even coloured and highlighted hair demand damage repairing nourishment. Use Follikesh Onion Hair Oil to soothe your normal or colour-treated hair. Your coloured hair is already surrounded by awful chemicals, nourishing it with the finest natural ingredients can work wonders. This onion hair oil has the potency to hydrate the scalp without leaving any sticky effect behind while stimulating hair growth