Is Black Seed Oil Good for Hair?

black seeds oil

Any woman can relate to the number of hair issues she faces on a regular basis. As a part of an effective solution to this problem, most of us have tried gazillions of hair care products and desi nuskaas to beat the stress of having good hair. Right from anti-hair fall treatments to shampoos to hair supplements, we tend to leave no stone unturned.


The research for the best hair care ingredient came to an end after coming across black seed oil. Also known as kalonji oil, this ingredient possesses numerous hair care properties right from preventing hair fall to boosting hair regrowth.


Benefits of Black Seed Oil for hair


1. Promotes hair growth


Usually, black seed oil also referred to as kalonji oil excellently helps to promote hair growth naturally. The richness of antihistamines in this ingredient aids in treating alopecia areata in individuals. Moreover, you can use this ingredient without any potential side effects as it is extracted from a natural source.


2. Prevents premature greying


Black seed oil is also used to prevent premature greying! All thanks to the ability of this ingredient which helps to reverse the signs of greying in multiple scenarios. The high linoleic acid content in this ingredient is responsible to offer black-pigmented cells in the follicles. This is why using black seed oil for a longer period of time helps to turn dull and grey hair into black and shiny. 


3. Moisturises dry hair


Those with frizzy and dry hair can use black seed oil religiously on their crown of glory to see results. This helps to regularise sebum production in the scalp while evenly moisturizing the scalp to deliver healthy, smooth, and shiny hair strands. 


4. Reverses hair damage


Our hair undergoes tremendous stress every day. Free radicals and aggressors formed by various external factors end up damaging the strands and leaving dull tresses. To reverse the damage you don’t have to indulge in any expensive hair care indulgence. Simply use black seed oil to nourish your hair and scalp to see a noticeable difference. The antioxidants involved in the formulation help to neutralize the impact of damage to reveal healthy and lustrous hair.


5. Improves scalp health


This ingredient is great for overall scalp health due to its rich antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Keeping your scalp clean, itch-free, and up-to-date is now possible with this wonderful ingredient in your hair care routine. 


6. Restricts hair fall


Black seed oil is a wonderful ingredient that helps to restrict hair fall while enriching your hair to grow long and strong. This seed is power-packed with various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that help to strengthen and nourish weaken hair strands to restrict hair fall. Religiously massaging this oil on the scalp, as it helps to stimulate inactive hair follicles to nourish and curbs excess hair fall.