Reasons to Add Olive Oil for Your Hair Care Routine

olive oil

While thinking of olive oil, we all can recognize it as a kitchen ingredient. What if you were told that it’s one of the best hair care secrets? To witness the real results, I decided to try this kitchen ingredient myself and the results were unbelievable. My tresses were comparatively manageable, shiny, and soft too. I have already learned about olive oil for hair, and here’s the blog for you to learn more about this kitchen ingredient. 


Olive oil consists of oleic acid and squalene, and these both are known as emollients that tend to penetrate deep into the hair follicles and strands to offer ultimate moisturization. Olive oil is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help to retain fatty content in the oil.  


Here’s why you should include olive oil in your hair care regime.


Moisturizing benefits:


As already mentioned above, olive oil is the powerhouse of oleic acid to deliver fatty acid. It is superiorly combined with monounsaturated fatty acids, lipids, and antioxidants to evenly blend together to moisturize the scalp and strands for deep nourishment. 


Prevents split ends:


All the moisturizing characteristics of olive oil further extend its benefits to more than the scalp and hair. It is known to add shine and elasticity to your crown of glory by strengthening it from within. Therefore, it helps to restore the damage and reduce the chances of split ends and breakage in the future.


Reduces DHT production:

Dihydrotestosterone is considered the primary reason to stimulate hair loss. It is responsible to weaken the follicles and result in extreme hair loss. On application of olive oil, it delivers the right amount of support to the scalp to block the production of this hormone while inhibiting hair loss.


Can olive oil suit all hair types?


Speaking about hair care, it is a big no to apply normal olive oil. It is great to apply extra-virgin olive oil to acquire the best results. Follikesh Onion Hair Oil has a perfect balance of multiple hair boosting oils to retrieve amazing results. This hair oil from Follikesh is ideal to work for all hair types. However, talking about olive oil, shouldn’t be used by someone who has an extremely oily scalp. For further details, you should definitely consult a hair care expert to understand if olive oil is ideal for you or not.


How to use olive oil for hair?


It is highly important to choose olive oil that is extracted through a cold-pressed method. Usually apply the oil over the mid-length area of your hair strands. And those who have dry scalp can apply a small amount on the scalp as well. 


Now that we have listed all the basics of olive oil for hair, here’s Follikesh Onion Hair Oil in our recommendation to include in your hair care routine.