The benefits of using onion hair oil for postpartum hair loss

onion hair oil for postpartum hair loss

During the period of nine months of pregnancy, a woman goes through too many things inside and outside. With all the emotions, even the luscious hair locks go for a toss. Slowly, the joy of holding the baby in your arms would take over the alarming loss of your hair during pregnancy. And in many cases, women further experience hair fall after delivery, which is widely known as postpartum hair loss. If you or any of your friends are dealing with postpartum hair loss, this article can help. 

Postpartum hair loss commonly is a condition when excessive hair strands begin to shed 3 months after the woman has given birth to a new-born. Postpartum hair loss can last up to 6 months varying from person to person. Although it is distressing to experience such an aggressive hair loss pattern, many women can get new hair growth within a year to its original volume.

The condition of postpartum hair loss is real and can happen to any new mom post pregnancy. Anyone experiencing postpartum hair loss for longer than a year should consider speaking to a hair expert. 

What causes postpartum hair loss?

The ultimate reason for postpartum hair loss is directly attributed to the hormonal changes in the body that are constantly taking place during pre and post pregnancy. Women during their pregnancy tend to experience a spike in oestrogen, progesterone, and prolactin spike that stimulates blood circulation throughout the body including the scalp. This process initially prevents hair from falling while letting your crown of glory shine. Within a couple of months after childbirth, these hormones get back to the original level while triggering the resumption of hair fall. Even stress and other nutrient deficiency can trigger the condition of hair loss after childbirth. 

Here are some vitamins that you should be consuming post-delivery to cease postpartum hair loss naturally at home:

  1. Vitamin C: It is responsible for collagen (protein) production in the body which has the ability to strengthen hair follicles. 

Onion hair oil for postpartum hair loss

Onion hair oil is power-packed with scalp enriching Vitamin A, B6, B9, C, and E sulphur, potassium, and antioxidants to flourish your crown of glory while supplying all the essential vital nutrients. Onion hair oil plays a superior role in nourishing and treating several hair and scalp concerns including premature greying, split ends, scalp infections, and hair loss. 

To sum it up, Follikesh onion hair oil is great to combat postpartum hair loss with the religious application of onion oil and other natural ingredients. You can further meet nutrient deficits by incorporating a hair growth supplement from Follikesh. Buy onion hair oil and the best biotin supplements for hair growth to see noticeable differences throughout the pregnancy journey. Ensure to consult your doctor before ingesting any hair loss or biotin supplement while you are pregnant or lactating.