Ways to Restore Hair from Thinning

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Do you notice your hair strands swirling down through the drain more often than usual? Well, it’s high time you should pause and diagnosed the underlying cause of hair thinning. In some cases, it could be a lack of nutrition in daily diet, which makes hair fall a constant affair. Such situations demand instant action wherein you might try switching to a new shampoo for mild cleansing and hair oil for nourishment. 

We are here for your rescue to help and restore your hair from thinning. But before that, let’s delve into the possible reasons for thinning of hair.

Primary Reasons for Hair Thinning in both Men and Women

Not clarifying scalp: 

We all are highly obsessed with the process of clarifying our facial skin, but unfortunately, we forget to clarify our scalp. Similar to skin clogging with debris and pollutants, our scalp tends to pile up impurities, dead skin cells, and other pollutants over it. Result? Our hair follicles literally struggle to regain hair growth while damaging the existing volume of the hair. 

Lack of nutrition: 

Everything that we eat precisely affects the health and structure of the hair. Those who don’t consume a balanced diet or lack in proteins and other hair-enriching nutrients such as Vitamin A, E, Omega 3, and Zinc can suffer from thinning of hair.


All those who are pregnant may go through a lot of hormonal imbalances that could trigger the quality of hair, leading to hair breakage and hair thinning. It usually occurs during the first trimesters, but the thinning may worsen as time flies. 

Stressing a lot:

Stress is nowadays quite common among youngsters and adults. If you are stressing way too much and may have sleeping issues can experience hair thinning. It is best to involve in mood-lifting activities to lower stress. 

Using heat tools:

Heavily relying on various heating and styling tools to look gorgeous all the time can cost you your hair. These heating and styling tools don’t go well with the volume of hair. Using way too much can lead to damage to the hair while degrading the quality and volume of the hair. 

Tying too often:

Those who tie high pony hairstyles or keep their hair tied most of the time suffer from alopecia. It is essential to let your hair breathe freely to prevent damage. 

Ways to Reverse Hair Thinning 

Take Support of Follikesh Hair Growth Tablets

Your damage-prone and weak hair need the best support from within. With the usual diet, you may lack all the necessary nutrients to restore hair growth. Follikesh introduces the best hair-supporting supplement to strengthen your hair from within. These hair growth tablets repair the damage from within while replenishing your body with all the daily nutrients required for healthy hair growth. Powered with Brazil nut, Banana, Mushroom, and Sunflower seeds, these hair growth tablets are definitely worth it! 

Oil Your Hair with the Goodness of Onion & Rosemary:

All the champi sessions during your teenage days, which you’ve always tried to escape, were probably no less than bliss to your hair and scalp. Anyways, it’s better to be late than never. You can eventually help strengthen and nourish your hair with wholesome damage-reversing ingredients. To do this job like a pro, give your hair the much-needed champi with Follikesh Onion Hair Oil. Powered with Rosemary, Almond, Olive, Tea Tree, Shikakai, Argan, and other vital botanically derived ingredients, this hair oil can do wonders for your hair. With quick absorption and long-lasting nourishment, this onion hair oil by Follikesh improves hair growth and strengthens them.