Hot oil Massage on Scalp for Rapid Hair Growth

Follikesh Onion Hair oil

A hair massage has the ability to fix everything such as worries, stress, and fatigue. Good head massage fabulously does wonders by boosting hair growth and controlling hair fall. Our ancestors have strongly vouched for head massage sessions for their strong and long hair. Our mothers and grandmothers pass on the wise advice of regularly oiling the hair with warm oil for the refined quality of hair. This article will help you understand the impact of this highly praised head massage using warm oil. 

The hot oil treatment

We are all surrounded by hair problems that take the entire effort down the drain. However, the issues get worse during the winter as the scalp gets dried and full of dandruff. The woes were endless and massaging made the hair follicles rejuvenated. Be it hair fall or dull hair or frizzy hair, a good champi with warm hair oil does justice with all of them at once. We all love to resolve maximum issues with the ‘desi nuskaas’ and that’s how we all took the hair oiling routine seriously. 

Here’s what warm hair oil does to your hair on application

Hair oiling practice is a 5,000-year-old Ayurveda-backed technique that gained speedy traction even in this modern wellness world. All thanks to its exfoliating, moisturizing, and enhanced circulating abilities of head massage that revamps the hair follicles and roots. Today these champi sessions are widely accepted and followed as a wellness ritual to have a hydrated and nourished scalp. Moreover, according to a 2016 study, scalp massage can promote thicker hair. Massage your scalp of glory with slightly warm oil to see noticeable results in your hair growth and quality. 

Experts say

According to hair care experts across the globe, hair oiling and massaging is the best and essential method to keep up your hair in the hair care game. To apply hot oil, one has to heat the oil first and apply it when it’s cooled down yet warm. Firstly apply on the scalp and rub in circular motions so that the oil seeps into the follicles for strength. Now slowly move towards the entire hair length and keep it for 20-30 mins before washing off. 

The experts have shared how the entire miracle happens. According to a hair care expert, hot oil when applied on the scalp, it promotes blood circulation on the scalp while offering essential nutrients that are required for new hair growth. 

How do you know if a hot oil massage is appropriate for you?

Those who have dry, brittle, dull, normal, or frizzy hair can add warm hair oil massage to their hair care routine to replenish its result to the fullest. Those with greasy or oily scalps should avoid using fatty oil on hair or scalp as it can ruin the health of the scalp. 

Follikesh Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Follikesh Onion Hair Oil is a careful blend of herbal ingredients such as Onion, Almond, Black Sesame, Soya, Shikakai, Tea Tree, and Olive oil. Offering a one-stop treatment to your hair, this hair oil alone can restore, condition nurtures, and stimulates hair follicles for hair growth. Avoid massaging your hair vigorously as it might lead to hair breakage. Massaging this hair rejuvenates the hair cells to form stronger, whilst they supply necessary nutrition to the hair follicles that eventually lead to thicker hair growth. The entire premium range of Follikesh is perfect to incorporate into the hair care routine as it is chemical and toxin-free. For the best result, use Follikesh Onion Hair Oil 2 -3 times a week and wash off with a mild shampoo.