Ways to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common concern for each of us that must have triggered us at some point in our lives. It is sheer heart breaking to watch those strands lost in the chunk. If this episode keeps on repeating each time you wash your hair, or comb, the trauma gradually spikes up. It could be the result of too many factors such as poor nutrition, stress, environmental damage, etc. that could interconnect to cause damage further. If hair fall has been your top concern, this blog is for you! We have curated some amazing ways to halt hair fall at home:- 

Ways to stop hair fall 

Treat hair fall concerns with Follikesh

Prevent hair fall with the goodness of onion and other natural ingredients. The antibacterial properties of onion have the ability to qualify and prevent scalp-related infections. All thanks to the sulphur content in onion, it helps enhance the flow of blood to the hair follicles. It further controls hair from damage while boosting hair growth.  Try the entire Follikesh range to experience a world-class hair care routine without harming your hair and scalp anymore. Each product is formulated using clean, parabens and sulphate-free ingredients that focus on restoring various hair care issues, all at one time. The hair oil and follikesh onion hair shampoo under this premium range is also enriched with the goodness of onion to reap additional hair growth benefits. The entire premium range from Follikesh can be an effective substitute to treat hair fall without going under the knife.