Benefits of Oil-based Scalp Massage

Follikesh Onion Hair Growth Oil

Be it, men or women, hair woes seem to be never-ending for both genders, especially when you have delicate and vulnerable hair growth. Are you tired and disappointed with the profuse use of every new product hitting the store shelf at the supermarket? It is evident that everyone has different hair types; therefore, hair concerns also differ. With so many hair concerns emerging, we terribly end up maximizing the woes by trying out almost every solution crossing our minds. Amid this chaos, we often lack an understanding of the deep-rooted concern for hair concern. My personal hair care expert, my grandmother has always vouched for oiling hair to get rid of every hair woe. She has passed on this best hair care technique of massaging my hair with essential oil to instantly change my bad hair days into better ones. And guess what? The trick never fails to deeply nourish and revitalize my hair and scalp from the inside out. You should trust me on this: ‘hair becomes much better than it was before’! 

Let us delve into the benefits of head and scalp massage with the best use of hair oil:-

Those who are going through flat and limp hair, severe dryness, greasy scalp, split ends, and hair damage, the scalp and hair roots may appear to be weak and undernourished. Massaging the scalp with your favorite hair oil can excellently strengthen the hair roots while boosting blood circulation over the scalp for rapid reviving results. Result? Healthy and lustrous hair! Using coconut oil or virgin olive oil for your hair can help unclog your hair follicles by promoting better absorption of nutrients into your scalp. You should always massage the oil gently over your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion. Avoid vigorous rubbing oil over the scalp as it can weaken the follicles further. 

We usually are surrounded by chemical-infused products that tend to drag out moisture and other nutrients from the scalp, often leading to dehydration. A dehydrated scalp is prominently responsible for a flaky and itchy scalp. Hair becomes more fragile and prone to other environmental damages, including dandruff. Superiorly massaging your weak hair with the right oil can eventually reverse the damaging impact by effectively hydrating your scalp and keeping dandruff at bay. Intensely massaging your head can help stimulate the glands to produce natural oil to keep the scalp environment nourished and healthy. In case, you have dandruff-prone hair, ensure to stick to only lightweight hair oil. Also, if you already have a scalp oily, avoid keeping oil overnight on your head. Instead, rinse your hair within a few hours with a mild shampoo. Choosing onion-infused hair oil for your hair concerns can work wonders!

It’s incredible how our skin instantly feels plump, soft, and glossy when it’s sufficiently hydrated. Similarly, our scalp is nothing but the extension of this skin, and oiling can give similar results to your scalp after an oil massage. Using the best massage oil for your scalp invigorates the scalp to become a healthier place for new hair growth. Massaging hair with the right oil excellently helps penetrate the oil deeper into the scalp for intensely nourished hair follicles and hair strands from within to stimulate quick hair growth in the future. Make sure you do not step out after massaging your scalp with the oil as it may attract dirt and pollution to your scalp.

UV rays damage, pollution, and other environmental factors can aggravate the condition of dryness, split ends, frizziness, and breakage. Massaging with oil can help form a defensive layer on the scalp by protecting hair roots from getting dried and prone to damage. Always ensure to detangle your hair before oiling with a wide-toothed comb to escape breakage. 

How to Massage Scalp with Oil for Faster Hair Growth

It is always great to heat the hair oil before applying it directly to your scalp. This is how you can reap the most from your normal ‘champi’ sessions. All you have to do is, take the desired amount of hair oil in a bowl and heat it on low flame. Apply the oil when it is bearably warm (not hot!). Start by rubbing a few drops on your fingertips in your palms. Evenly rub and apply all over the roots of your hair. Slowly move your fingers towards the entire hair length for an effective result. Warm hair oil for massage evenly revamps the scalp’s health, reducing hair fall further. It has the ability to penetrate deeper into the scalp for a fabulous result. 

Try Follikesh

It’s a wiser option to choose Follikesh onion hair oil as it is derived from all-natural ingredients to give the result of the purest ingredients backed by Ayurveda. Zero involvement of chemicals, paraben, and sulphate make Follikesh onion hair oil one of the best hair care products to offer the ultimate T.L.C (Tender. Love. Care.) your hair requires. Drench into the goodness of onion, shikakai, olive, almond, soya, tea tree, black sesame, and argan for excellent shine, strength, and growth.