Best Onion-Based Hair Products for All Hair Concerns

Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo

Have you been doing trial and error for a long time but failed to find the best hair care products that are unmatchable and deal with your hair concerns? Many of us can relate to that one half-used hair care product lying in our cabinet that has been through your rejection list. Of course, we buy with lots of hope, but all in vain. We all end up with the same old stories, unhappy hair! On a major scale, we all are struggling with common hair concerns like dull tresses, zero shine, poor strength, hair fall, or dandruff.  

The secret to healthy hair is simple and straight – a good hair care routine followed by clean hair care products with natural ingredients. Organic products work anytime better because it delivers all the naturally-derived nutrients to your hair without any side effects. Onion is a natural, affordable, and safe ingredient we can use for great hair. Here’s why you should be trying onion-based hair care products for your hair:

Top 10 Benefits of Onion for hair:

1. Rich in antioxidants

2. Antimicrobial properties

3. Accelerates hair growth

4. Conditions damaged and dull tresses

5. Contains sulphur

6. Ends the story of split-ends

7. Strengthens hair follicles

8. Reduces dandruff

9. Delivers shine to your hair

10. Delays early greying of hair

Follikesh for Hair

You can reap the extended benefits of onion when it is incorporated into your regular hair care routine. If you are keen on giving this wonderful ingredient a try, choose Follikesh! Maximum hair care products introduced by Follikesh are derived from onion and other herbal ingredients. The best thing about these onion-based hair care products is they don’t involve sulphate, parabens, or any kind of chemicals that may damage your hair. Follikesh Onion Hair Oil and Follikesh Onion Shampoo can be a great pair for all your hair concerns. These onion-infused products work effectively as an all-rounder while addressing multiple hair concerns in one go.

Follikesh Onion Hair Oil:

Enriched with Onion Oil, Almond Oil, Black Sesame Oil, Soya Oil, Shikakai Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, and Argan Oil. Experience the power of 8 vital herbs to nourish your hair from root to tip. Treating your hair with this perfect blend deeply invigorates the scalp to offer strength and shine your hair. This onion hair oil stimulates hair follicles from the root to enhance thick hair growth.  

Follikesh Onion Shampoo

Enriched with Onion, Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Manjistha, Neem Leaf, and Coffee Seeds. However, such herbal fortified shampoo does not involve any synthetic additives to broaden its efficacy. It ensures to perfect balance of the pH level of the scalp while preventing hair from getting greasy or dry. Moreover, this shampoo works on the root cause of your hair concerns to eliminate frizz and dandruff-related issues. It helps in building a healthy scalp for excellent hair growth. 

Flourish your crown of glory with Follikesh! Explore the entire range of onion-infused hair care products available on Follikesh.